Our Story

We have over twenty-five years' experience in charity fundraising, and we also love to shop online. Did you know that most UK charities would love to make money from having an online store but they simply don’t have the time or resources to invest, or the expertise to compete online? 

That’s why we created My Charity Marketplace - to give all charities the possibility of having an online store stocked and managed for them. We even give them their own free marketplace shop so they can sell merchandise to their own supporters. We help charities make money by letting them keep 100% of everything they sell, and by gifting them 7% of everything else sold by our other verified suppliers.

We know that you want to spend your hard earned money in the right place. It can be difficult choosing where to shop online, and to know for sure which retail businesses share your ethos and moral values. Ethically sourced products are at the heart of My Charity Marketplace, with a huge chunk of profit going directly to charity - so consumers know they're investing in good causes and handpicked products from curated artisan sellers.

Meet the Founder

Lisa Dickinson has worked with charities in various capacities for over two decades, including acting as Chair of Salford Women's Aid for the last five years. She has also owned a successful business and understands the needs of small businesses, charities and non profits. She had the idea for a shared charity marketplace whilst studying social media marketing at Salford University Business School, and went on to win an award for innovation in the sector

As a charity professional, Lisa shared the frustrations of fellow fundraisers that whilst the online shopping market was growing year on year, all but the biggest charities didn't have the time or resources to compete and were being left behind. Big corporate retail schemes were complicated to use, they felt remote from the charities themselves and often had disappointing results especially for small/medium sized charities.

The principle behind My Charity Marketplace is that all charities should have a great online store to help with their fundraising, that this should be free of charge and offer much better commissions than some of the minute percentages offered by the big players.