How does My Charity Marketplace work?

My Charity works like any other on-line marketplace, you choose a product you want to purchase and it is supplied by our creative partners. The main difference is that for every sale we donate 7% of our profit to a charity of your choice.

How do I decide which charity I want to support?

That depends on how you navigated to the My Charity on-line shop. If you found us via our URL (www.mycharitymarketplace.com) or a search engine such as Google, you will be shown a list of our charity partners when you are checking out, if you do not have a favourite you can choose for the donation to be divided up amongst all our charities. If you have a favourite, simply tick their name and the donation will go straight to them. If you arrived at My Charity via a link from a charity website then that will be the only charity you can donate to at the checkout stage.

Can I give an extra donation or Gift Aid?

The donations on sales come from our company profit so it is not possible to add Gift Aid. However, at check-out you will see the option to give an extra donation to your favourite charity and if you choose to do this then you will be asked if you are a UK Taxpayer and if you wish to Gift Aid your extra donation.

Who gets the money if I am buying Charity merchandise?

If you buy charity merchandise (such as Charity Christmas Cards) then 100% of the sale goes to charity, we exist to support charities we never make a profit from them.

Do I need an account to shop on My Charity?

You can check-out as a guest or you can register. Registering and creating an account makes it simple to make another purchase in the future, check on past orders, save items and create a wish list.

Is it safe to shop on your website?

Our website is safely protected by antivirus software and monitored daily. Customers pay via Stripe, an industry certified secure and encrypted payment gateway. Both options support our already high levels of fraud screening. You can read more about security in our [link to Privacy Policy]

I have forgotten my login details can you help?

Just click on the I’ve forgotten my password link on the sign in page. An automatic e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail and guide you through how to reset your password.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most debit and credit cards, we cannot accept bank transfers, cheque or cash payments or donations other than will a purchase.