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My Charity Marketplace is a fast-growing online marketplace in the UK that specialises in thoughtful charity donation gifts. If you have had a hard time looking for personalised gifts before, you can now visit our shop for practical gift ideas for dad on Father’s Day. Looking for the perfect gift for a lady of any age? You can go through our section of personalised gifts for her and choose unique gifts. Even more, we will provide you with the most perfect teacher gift ideas that your teacher will definitely love. Some gifts have become a cliché for the occasions they are bought for. That is why we have also stocked alternative charity gifts that will offer lasting memories to whoever they are given to. More so, there is a new demand for ethical gifts in the UK, as people become more aware of their actions and how they affect the environment we live in. Our ethical gifts will have you spoilt for choice.

Alternative Charity Gifts

Whenever you are giving a gift, it is your hope that you give someone something that they will forever cherish, and that will have a special place in their hearts. Our alternative charity gifts allow you to not just gift possessions, but give experiences. Personalised messages make the gift even more valuable, and you can accompany your creative and unique gift with a message that makes it even more special.

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We Care so We Share

Welcome to My Charity Marketplace, a unique shopping experience where 7% of every sale goes to good causes. We care and this is why we share our profits! Best of all - YOU get to select a charity which is close to your heart and decide where your money goes. Simply make your selection at checkout and know that your beautiful new purchase has truly made a difference to the lives of others.

Shop for the Best Ethical Gifts

If you are ever looking for legitimate ethical gifts in the UK, you can always turn to My Charity Marketplace. Sustainability means a lot to us. We go a long way to ensure that the processes of making the gifts that are sold via our website are sustainable and ethical. We do not stop there, but go an extra mile to ensure even the packaging of the gifts you buy are ethical. We try not to use excess packaging when small packaging would suffice. Where possible we also try to avoid the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable material for our packaging.

Be a Part of Our Charity Program

Whenever you buy gifts from us, you are not only buying treasured memories for your loved ones, but you are also helping good causes in the process. 7% of each and every of our sales goes towards supporting our partner charities. After you have bought your gift during checkout, you can pick which charity you would to receive the donation.

What Makes us Different?

What makes us different is the fact that we put people above profits. Not only do we donate a percentage of the sales to different causes, but we have also provided charities with a free of charge way of selling their own charity merchandise and keep all the proceeds from their own sales. We aim to show that retail does not have to be entirely about profit – it is more satisfying when it is about people!

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