About Us

Motivated by Giving NOT Greed

My Charity Marketplace is an online store like no other. We put people above profit, so we’re proud to say that for every sale a minimum of 7% goes to a charity of your choice.

We make it possible to buy beautiful things and do some good in the world - and because donating doesn’t cost you a penny you can sit back, be inspired and feel great about yourself. Consumerism doesn't have to be about greed!

Like all great ideas we began as a solution to a problem.....we knew that most charities couldn't compete in the world of online selling, they simply didn't have the time or resources.  We also knew that like everyone else charity supporters spent time and money shopping online. So we came up with the idea of a shared marketplace that could be linked to an unlimited number of charities giving a great shopping experience that is motivated by giving not profit. 

If you are a supplier of luxury, ethical gifts or alternative products we want to hear from you.  If you are a charity who is looking for innovative new ways of fundraising we want to work with you.  If you are a shopper who has a heart we'd love you to consider us next time you are shopping online.